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“Russian Railways” Plans to Invest 23.5 Billion Rubles in Infrastructure Development in Primorsky Territory in 2022-2025

January 17 2022 

The section “Amursky Bay – Nakhodka” alone, after the completion of work, will increase capacity from 62 to 72 pairs of trains a day. 

Russian Railways will continue to modernize the railway infrastructure in the Primorsky Territory. For 2022-2024, they plan to invest 23.5 billion rubles in the implementation of projects to increase the throughput and carrying capacity, said the head of the “Far Eastern Railway” (FER) Evgenii Veide at a working meeting with the Governor of the Primorsky Territory Oleg Kozhemyako.

Amursky Bay – Nakhodka, after the completion of work on lengthening the tracks at the stations Novonezhino, Krasnoarmeisky, Smolyaninovo, Nakhodka-Vostochnaya, will increase the throughput capacity from 62 to 72 pairs of trains.

“For railway personnel, the priority is the balanced development of transport infrastructure, the development of the market for transport and logistics services, increasing comfort and ensuring the safety of passengers. I am sure that our further cooperation will make a significant contribution to the development of the economy and the well-being of the inhabitants of the Primorsky Territory,” Evgeny Veide noted during the meeting.

At the meeting, it was noted that in the past year the FER achieved the maximum performance in the field of container transportation. This became possible, among other things, due to new principles of collaborating with seaport infrastructure. In particular, the railroad and seaports created a joint dispatch center “FORPOST”, which made it possible to significantly increase the efficiency of interaction with the Vladivostok Commercial Sea Port.

Source: https://portnews.ru/news/323967/

Russia proposed resumption of the Khasan-Rajin project 

3 November 2021

According to South Korean Yonhap, Russia is considering the resumption of the Khasan-Rajin project: “Russia wants to cooperate with North and South Korea on resumption of a cross-border logistics project in its Far East after pandemic restrictions are lifted. Russian Far East Development Minister Alexei Chekunkov called on the parties to hold consultations on creation of a railway network between Russian Khasan station and North Korean port of Rajin and development of this port. 

Discussions on the project began over 10 years ago. It provided for the transportation of containers and raw materials from Russia to South Korea through the North Korean port of Rajin. But the prospects of the project are still uncertain.

“Trilateral cooperation can benefit everyone. Everything is simple in logistics. If you have a shorter route, it makes sense to use it. I look forward to the resumption of work on this project and I believe that the key aspects of the project will overcome any existing difficulties”, Chekunkov is cited by Yonhap.

Source: https://seanews.ru/2021/11/03/rossija-predlozhila-vozobnovit-proekt-hasan-radzhin/

Plans to Build a New Railway Line from Yakutia to Magadan

19 August 2021

A joint expedition will take place to survey a route for a new railway line connecting Nizhniy Bestyakh (Sakha – Yakutia) with the city of Magadan on the coast of Okhotsk Sea. The stages of project implementation were discussed by the heads of ministries and representatives of the railway industry at the meeting chaired by Andrei Tarasenko, Chairman of the Government of Yakutia, reported the press service of Yakutia government.

Experts will determine where to lay the railroad and in which settlements to build railway stations. Preliminary, the length of the railway from the operating line Berkakit – Tommot – Nizhniy Bestyakh to Magadan will be more than 1.8 thousand km.

“It will not be a part of BAM or TSR, but one more new railway line going to Pacific coast. This is a large logistics project. First, such a railway line will reduce the cost of delivering resources to the northern regions. We will no longer be dependent on river navigation and winter roads. Secondly, the railway will provide an opportunity for small and medium-sized businesses to develop and create additional jobs. This means more tax revenues to local and regional budgets,” said Mr. Tarasenko.

Maxim Lebedev, Deputy General Director of the Institute for Transport Economics and Development (JSC), noted that following the results of the expedition, the institute would prepare a preliminary investment feasibility study for the construction of the railway. The terrain specifics, presence of natural protected areas, length, presence of a sufficient cargo base and others are among the criteria for railroad construction  study.

The development of the railway infrastructure in the eastern part of Russia is a strategic goal, outlined by President Putin. As a whole, it is associated with the second stage of the expansion of the BAM and TSR, the major railroads in Russia. The construction of the new railway will also ensure the availability and development of industrial projects in the Far East and the Arctic zone.

Source: https://portnews.ru/news/317343/