The «Asia-Pacific Journal of Marine Science&Education» is the peer-reviewed journal covering a broad array of topics in human maritime activities, transportation and education.

Publishing semiannually, the «Asia-Pacific Journal of Marine Science&Education» promotes a healthy exchange of ideas among scholars, students, mariners and engineers raising more controversial topics for discussion to increase both international and regional understanding of marine science.

The «Asia-Pacific Journal of Marine Science&Education» is the flagship scientific English periodical of Admiral Nevelskoy Maritime State University in Vladivostok, Russia.

Aim & Scope

The «Asia-Pacific Journal of Marine Science&Education» provides an international forum for the discussion of current issues and projects in marine science and education in all aspects of maritime human activity in Asia-Pacific region as well as other aquatic issues e.g. river cargo shipping, intermodal transportation etc. by publishing original, full-length, refereed contributions on research and developments in these fields. Moreover, the periodical supposes to provide significant assistance in mutual innovative marine technologies and products promotion.

It is expected that the range of topics covered in the «Asia-Pacific Journal of Marine Science&Education» includes researches and developments in the fields of marine education, shipbuilding and repairing, E-navigation and safety of shipping, fishery, ocean resources management and protection, marine economy and coastal shelf exploration, ocean ecology and environmental protection, maritime policy and maritime activity management, international maritime law and maritime security issues as well as marine scientific publications reviews and production\technology advertisement.