Russia proposed resumption of the Khasan-Rajin project 

3 November 2021

According to South Korean Yonhap, Russia is considering the resumption of the Khasan-Rajin project: “Russia wants to cooperate with North and South Korea on resumption of a cross-border logistics project in its Far East after pandemic restrictions are lifted. Russian Far East Development Minister Alexei Chekunkov called on the parties to hold consultations on creation of a railway network between Russian Khasan station and North Korean port of Rajin and development of this port. 

Discussions on the project began over 10 years ago. It provided for the transportation of containers and raw materials from Russia to South Korea through the North Korean port of Rajin. But the prospects of the project are still uncertain.

“Trilateral cooperation can benefit everyone. Everything is simple in logistics. If you have a shorter route, it makes sense to use it. I look forward to the resumption of work on this project and I believe that the key aspects of the project will overcome any existing difficulties”, Chekunkov is cited by Yonhap.


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