Roundtable on Northeast Asian security and cooperation convened

Asia-Pacific Journal of Marine Science&Education convened roundtable on Northeast Asian security and cooperation on May 5. The roundtable brought together scholars from ADM Nevelskoy Maritime State University (MSUN), Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU), Far Eastern branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (FEB RAS) and KMI (Korean Maritime Institute). Participants had many questions to discuss, […]

Logistics companies have found a way to circumvent EU sanctions

April 12 2022 The situation with the introduction of the fifth package of sanctions by the European Union worried logistics companies involved in import-export operations, but the situation is not too catastrophic, since the share of Russian and Belarusian carriers in the market for transportation from Russia to Europe and back was about 30%. Alexei […]

ExxonMobil freezes Far East LNG project

April 4 2022ExxonMobil has frozen the Far Eastern LNG project in the port of De-Kastri, Governor of the Khabarovsk Territory Mikhail Degtyarev said on the air of the Komsomolskaya Pravda radio station.As reported earlier, Exxon Neftegaz Limited (ENL, subsidiary of ExxonMobil, operator of the Sakhalin-1 project) launched a tender campaign in February 2022 to select […]

Extraordinary Antarctica heatwave, 70 degrees above normal, would likely set a world record

By Caitlin Kaiser and Angela Fritz, CNN March 28 2022 Scientists were shocked this month when a research station in Antarctica reported extraordinarily warm weather. The temperature at Concordia Research station atop Dome C on the Antarctic Plateau — typically known as the coldest place on Earth — surged to an astounding 11.3 degrees Fahrenheit (minus-11.5 Celsius) on […]

TransContainer will launch a new multimodal service from China to Russia through the port of Vostochny

March 28 2022 PJSC TransContainer will launch a new multimodal service for cargo transportation from the Chinese ports of Taicang and Ningbo to the regions of the Russian Federation through the terminal of the Eastern Stevedoring Company. The service is focused on transportation of consumer goods from China for small, medium and large businesses in […]

Will Russian oil go to Asia?

March 25 2022 The US has imposed an embargo on Russian oil imports. Deliveries to the EU countries in the near future are under a big question. However, Russian exports to other destinations have already started to grow. For example, this week Indian Nayara Energy oil refiner acquired Russian oil after a year-long hiatus, having […]

The Company from St. Petersburg Won a Tender for Designing a Training Ship

February 12 2022    The “Forss Technologies” company from St. Petersburg won a tender for creating a technical design for a training and production vessel at the request of the Russian University of Transport (Moscow). The winning bidder must also provide an expert opinion on the cost of building the vessel and a positive certification […]

“GazpromNeft” and Japanese “Mitsui” Intend to Use Alternative Fuels in Sea and River Transport

February 15 2022   “GazpromNeft” and the Japanese “Mitsui” trading and investment company signed an agreement of intent to implement decarbonization projects in Russia and the regions where the companies operate, says the press release by “GazpromNeft”. The partners intend to develop innovative solutions for the implementation of CCS projects (“Carbon Capture and Storage”). In […]


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