Nikolai I. Pereslavtsev, Admiral NevelskoyMaritime State University, Vladivostok

In December 2021 we commemorated a “round” date – ten years ago there was published the first number of “Asia-Pacific Journal of Marine Science&Education”.

Since then, during these years, we have passed a long way, released 20 issues (including this one) and gained some popularity not only among Russian audience, but also among foreign readers. Our journal is known by experts in Europe, Japan, China, Korea, the United States, Australia, from time to time we receive their letters with questons, requests, gratitudes, etc. We were always trying to tell in informative and interesting way about various problems, related to the sea – marine history, marine geography, economics, policy, technics. As well, we have published several “special” or thematic issues about situation in Asia-Pacific region with our assessments, commentaries, reviews. Further on, we will try to continue to attract our readers with unique and interesting materials that you can find only in “Asia-Pacific Journal of Marine Science&Education”.

Today we thank once more our Founder, Publisher, all our readers and assistants who expressed their readiness to help and to support us. Thank you, friends, we wish you health and successes and hope that you will be reading our journal in future and will have enough strength to love the world around you and life.

Sincerely yours
On behalf of the Editorial Board of
“Asia-Pacific Journal of Marine Science&Education”

Executive (Chief) Editor