Zhatai Shipyard and Prospects for Lena River Passenger Transportation

The authorities of Sakha – Yakutia Republic plan to construct landing stages in all principal settlements on the Lena River 

August 18 2023 

Photo from the website of the government of Yakutia

The Chairman of the Government of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Mr. Andrei Tarasenko, following the results of a working trip to the Lensky district, instructed to ensure the construction of landing stages in settlements along the Lena River for the convenience of passengers.

“After the commissioning of the Zhatai shipyard, the first thing they will do is build landing stages. It is necessary to provide landing stages for all the main villages and towns located on the Lena River, where there are passengers using river transport”, Mr. Tarasenko is quoted as saying by the press service of the Sakha government.

He also informed that the government of Yakutia is currently working on the purchase of passenger ships to provide river passenger traffic. As PortNews reported, by the beginning of summer 2023, the readiness of the Zhatai shipyard (Yakutia; under construction) was about 60%, with a continuing delay from the schedule.

Initially, the construction of the Zhatai shipyard was planned to be completed in 2021. More than 5.7 billion rubles were allocated for the first stage of the project, including about 4.1 billion rubles from the federal budget, 750 million rubles from the republic. Currently, the planned date for commissioning the shipyard is the end of 2023.

It is planned that the commissioning of the shipyard will ensure the creation of a modern river fleet for cargo transportation in the Lena Basin and the Arctic zone, including along the Northern Sea Route. The facility design capacity is the construction of up to 10 river and sea vessels annually. Until 2036, some 130 river vessels will be built there, as well as the repair, modernization and decommissioning services to be provided.

Due to the lack of communication between the inland waterways of the Lena basin and other river basins, the construction and repair of river vessels is possible only at a shipyard in Yakutia. There is no alternative to the Zhatai shipyard in the region.

Source: https://portnews.ru/news/352094/



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