A Large Transport and Logistics Center for the Northern Sea Route Will Be Created in the Bulunsky District of Yakutia Republic

July 19 2023

The development of Tiksi seaport is of great importance. 

Tiksi settlement.  Source: RIA Novosti

A large transport and logistics center for the NSR will be created in the Bulunsky district of Yakutia. Mr. Aisen Nikolaev, the head of the Sakha (Yakutia) Republic, spoke about the directions for the regional development on the air of the program “Direct Conversation” (broadcasted by the Sakha State Television and Radio Company on the “Russia 24” channel), the press service of the head and government of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) reported.

The settlement of Tiksi will grow within the framework of the approved master plan for the settlement. First, the development of the Tiksi seaport will be of great importance. The Bulunsky district will have ample opportunities for development, including the opening of a port in Naiba Point in the future and the creation of a large transport and logistics center for the entire Northern Sea Route. The modernization of the port is planned to be carried out in three directions. These are the reconstruction of the existing port in Tiksi, the construction of a new deep-water terminal in Naiba Point and the construction of a passenger terminal in the Neelovo area to provide socially significant transportation services and promote cruise tourism.

The modernization of the port is of great importance for the progress of the NSR activities and the entire infrastructure of the country’s maritime transport. The construction of a new deep-water seaport at Naiba Point will create more than 25 hundred jobs. The project will also help for the development of mineral deposits, road network, shipbuilding, energy, and social infrastructure.

Source: https://portnews.ru/news/350570/023



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