International Regular Container Route Connecting Vladivostok, Donghae and Busan Will Appear Soon

July 6 2023 

In June, a container ship bound to foreign country entered the port of Donghae for the first time in seven years. The first delivery is expected in July. The government of Gangwon-do province announced the signing of an agreement with Donghae City, “Dongyeong Shipping Co., Ltd”. and “Yongmun Global Port Co., Ltd.” on the opening of an international regular container route between Vladivostok, Donghae and Busan, the representative office of the Russian Foreign Ministry in Vladivostok reported on Telegram with reference to the Hankook Ilbo publication. Representatives of Donghae City visited Vladivostok in November 2022 to discuss an agreement with a company that has a distribution network and a container terminal focused on the markets of Russia and Central Asia. The port of Donghae is expected to serve as a gateway for onward traffic towards North Korea, China’s three Northeast provinces and Russian port of Vladivostok. “With the opening of this route, the port has the opportunity to take a step forward as a free trade zone.” Donghae Mayor Sim Gyu On emphasized. “We will spare no administrative and financial support so that Donghae can be reborn as an integrated logistics port with the opening of a container ship service, which has been a long-standing project,” said Gangwon Governor Kim Jin Tae.




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