Operations at Japan’s largest port of Nagoya suspended due to cyber attack

July 5 2023

The port of Nagoya, Japan’s largest port by total traffic, which handles exported Toyota vehicles, has experienced a major digital outage. According to the Japan Times portal, citing a statement from the port operator on Wednesday, a cyber attack was the reason for the shutdown.

The police launched an investigation, and a spokesman told the local press that the port operator had received a ransom demand in exchange for restoring the port’s information system.

According to the Nagoya Harbor Transportation Association, the system crashed on Tuesday morning when an employee was unable to start the computer. According to an informed source of the newspaper, a report was received that the computer system was infected with ransomware. Malicious software encrypts data and requires payment in exchange for regaining access.

Toyota, according to its press service, is closely monitoring the situation and so far the failure in the port information system has not affected the supply of finished cars.

The newspaper recalls that in September 2022, the association’s website was subjected to a DDoS attack, during which a huge amount of data was sent to cause server crashes.

Source: https://portnews.ru/news/349952/ 



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