Fesco Transport Group opens a subsidiary in Turkey

March 3 2023

The Fesco transport group has opened a subsidiary in Turkey to develop transport and logistics services in the region, the company’s press service reported.

“The Fesco Transport Group has opened a subsidiary in the Republic of Turkey to develop transport and logistics services in the region. The headquarters is located in Mersin. Fesco Turkey will provide a full range of transport and logistics services to customers in Turkey,” the report says.

The company’s activities will be aimed at organizing the delivery of project cargoes for enterprises under construction in Turkey and the countries of Central Asia in the energy, petrochemistry and gas chemistry sectors.

“The increased role of Turkey in trade with Russia allowed Fesco to significantly expand the range of its logistics services in the Black Sea and the Eastern Mediterranean last year. Seeing strong demand from both Turkish and Russian companies, we decided to open a subsidiary in the republic. This will strengthen the expansion of Fesco in the region,” said Andrey Severilov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Fesco, whose words are quoted by the press service.

Source: http://morvesti.ru/news/1679/101309/ 




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