FESCO diesel-electric ship Vasily Golovnin set off on a new Antarctic expedition

January 25 2023

According to FESCO, the ship left the port of Cape Town last week and is already on its way to the Indian research stations Bharati and Maitri.

The diesel-electric ship will deliver a team of Indian polar explorers, fuel and provisions there. It will also take out household and technical garbage from the stations. Another point on the route of Vasily Golovnin will be the Belgian station “Princess Elisabeth”. The voyage will last until April 2023. This is the second FESCO Antarctic expedition under a new five-year contract with the National Center for Polar and Oceanic Research of the Indian Ministry of Geosciences (NCPOR).

Earlier FESCO has repeatedly participated in government projects in Antarctica to supply research stations of the US, Australia, Great Britain, Chile and Argentina.

FESCO Transport Group is one of the largest private transport and logistics companies in Russia with assets in the field of port, railway and integrated logistics business. The Group owns the Vladivostok Commercial Sea Port, the Transgarant and Dalreftrans railway operators, and Russkaya Troika, the fitting platform operator. The Group operates dry terminal complexes in Novosibirsk, Khabarovsk and Tomsk, manages over 130,000 TEU, and has more than 10,000 fitting platforms. The fleet includes 23 transport vessels, which mainly carry out transportation on their own sea lines.

Source: https://portnews.ru/news/341942/

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