Crab industry redirected exports to Asian markets

December 15 2022

China, South Korea and Japan increased crab imports from Russia by 28% to 7.6 thousand tons

A significant part of Russian crab exports has been redistributed to Asian markets after the US market closed, an analysis of the Association of Fishing Fleet Owners (AFFO) showed. According to national government statistics, over the three quarters of 2022, China, South Korea and Japan increased crab imports from Russia by 7.6 thousand tons (+28%), which compensated for the drop in volumes by 2/3.

In addition to the traditional export destinations, other promising directions are developing – to the countries of Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore) and the Middle East. According to the Federal Agency for Fishery, the volume of crab production has been maintained at the level of 2021, which indicates the stability of the fishery even under the export restrictions.

“The prompt response of key market participants made it possible to maintain the stability of the crab industry. Stable sales of Russian crab products are ensured by steady demand, as well as world reserves of the resource limited by natural factors,” commented Alexei Osintsev, President of the AFFO.

The Association of Fishing Fleet Owners was established in 2016.

The key tasks of the Association are to promote the creation of stable conditions for the implementation of sectoral investment projects, to reduce the impact of administrative barriers on the marine industrial and coastal fishing and fish processing, and to create conditions for the training of crew for the new fishing fleet.




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