The Ministry of Transport proposes to increase tariffs for container transportation in the eastern direction in 2023

November 16 2022

In order to relieve the Far Eastern ports, it is proposed to reduce tariffs in the ports of the North-West

The loading of port terminals in the Far East remains high, the situation can be stabilized by increasing tariffs for container transportation in the east direction in 2023, while simultaneously reducing tariffs in the ports of the North-West. This was announced by the Minister of Transport of Russia Vitaly Savelyev at a meeting with the President of Russia with members of the government, according to the Telegram channel of the Russian Cabinet.

The Minister of Transport told the head of state about the situation with the export of containerized cargo through the seaports of the Far East. In October 2022, the transshipment of containers in the Far Eastern ports increased by 22% compared to October 2021, exports grew by 32%, imports – by 26%.

“Vitaly Savelyev noted that the loading of port terminals remains high. The vessels with approximately 15,000 TEUs on board are awaiting unloading,” the statement said.

To promptly resolve issues, the Ministry of Transport, together with Russian Railways, created in September a Headquarters for organizing the export of containers from port terminals in the Far East. As a result, in November, it was possible to increase imports from ports to 2.72 thousand TEU per day, which is 13% higher than the average daily indicator in September. As the head of the Ministry of Transport said, now the actual loading of 5 port container terminals is 117%, the loading of 6 rear terminals is 74%.

According to him, it is also possible to unload the port capacities in the Far East through developing road cargo transportation (its share in the total volume of transportation of imported containers from the Far East reached 9%); by increasing the number of container trains from the terminals of the Far Eastern ports up to 5 units per day; by extending a discount on the railway tariff for the transportation of containers in open wagons until the end of 2023; and by increasing the number of container trains eastbound by 3 pairs per day until the end of 2022.

“These measures will help stabilize the situation in the seaports of the Far East by transporting an additional 45,000 TEUs with imported cargo,” Vitaly Savelyev is quoted on the website of the Ministry of Transport.




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