“Sitronics” started AIS satellite data testing to ensure safe navigation

August 9, 2022

More than 70 spacecraft with AIS sensors are planned to be launched by 2025

Photo from the “Sputniks” website

The Russian “Sitronics Group” (part of the “AFK Sistema” group) on August 9 started testing data received from experimental satellites equipped with automatic ship identification sensors (AIS). Such satellites are critical to ensure the safe navigation of ships in the oceans, the company’s press service reports. Until 2025, it is planned to launch more than 70 satellites equipped with AIS sensors.

AIS data includes information: name and ownership of the vessel (state of registration), type and status, IMO number, position coordinates, course and speed of the vessel, date and time when the satellite received AIS data from the vessel, port of destination.

The service will make it possible to control navigation within protected facilities and identify vessels involved in water pollution, to plan navigation, including in rescue operations for ships in distress, and fight poachers.  

 “Sitronics Group” is a diversified IT company with experience in developing digital solutions and implementing projects for business and government. It is engaged in the implementation of integrated solutions for smart cities, security, digitalization of strategic sectors of the economy, and shipping, manufactures IT and telecommunications equipment under its own brand, develops IoT systems and software.

Sputniks (part of the “Sitronics Group”) is a Russian private company producing high-tech satellite components and platforms for small satellites (SSC), ground-based equipment for testing and testing SSC, ground-based satellite stations, and equipment for aerospace education. It operates the OrbiCraft-Zorkiy satellite for remote sensing of the Earth.

Source: https://portnews.ru/news/333608/ 



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