Flag raised on the new fishing vessels

July 9 2022

On July 8, the ceremony of raising the Russian flag on the new fishing vessels took place. The vessels were built at domestic shipyards under the program for upgrading the production capacities of the fishery complex with government support.

Russian shipyards have not built fishing and crab vessels for almost 40 years. However they have received a massive influx of orders since 2016 against the background of the transition to the auction principle of quota distribution in the fishing industry. As part of the reform, market participants are required to build new vessels in the Russian Federation in order to receive part of the bioresources quotas. 

The largest portfolio of orders was collected by the enterprises of the North-West – Severnaya, Admiralty, and Vyborg shipyards, Kaliningrad Yantar shipbuilding plant and Pella Leningrad Shipbuilding Plant. Far Eastern enterprises also received orders. In particular, the construction of a series of 10 trawlers is being carried out at JSC Admiralty Shipyards, another ten vessels are being built at Severnaya shipyard.

42 vessels out of 97 under construction in Russia for the domestic fishery complex (58 fishing vessels and 39 crab vessels) are being built at the shipyards of the United Shipbuilding Corporation, the press service of the Federal Agency for Fishery reported in early May. 

Source: https://portnews.ru/news/331929/



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