Syrian Tanker Attacked by Drone

April 24, 2021

The Syrian Oil Ministry announced a fire on one of the tankers off the coast of the Syrian city of Baniyas, probably caused by an attack from a drone, the Syrian state agency SANA reported with reference to the ministry. Earlier, the department announced the elimination of a fire that broke out on one of the tankers located off the coast of the city of Baniyas in the Syrian province of Tartus. The ministry said that the fire, in their opinion, arose after the tanker was attacked by a drone from the territorial waters of Lebanon,” the statement said.

Damascus suggests that an Israeli drone attacked the tanker off the coast of the Syrian city of Baniyas, on which the fire occurred, Lebanese TV channel “Al-Mayadeen” reported, citing sources. “Damascus assumes that the drone that attacked the Syrian oil tanker was Israeli,” the channel’s sources said. A tanker burning off the coast of Syria was attacked by two shells, according to the Iranian TV channel “Al-Alam”, citing informed sources. “Sources said that the Syrian oil tanker was attacked by two shells. The first hit the front of the tanker, slightly damaging it. The second shell fell on the deck and caused serious damage,” the channel writes. The TV channel noted that as a result of the incident, no human casualties had been recorded.

Source: RIA Novosti




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