Two Vessels for Yenisei River Are in Construction for 5 Billion Rubles

April 14, 2021

The volume of investments in the construction of two motor vessels for line navigation along the Yenisei River in the Krasnoyarsk Territory will amount to 5 billion rubles. Both vessels have already been laid down at the “Sredne-Nevsky shipyard in St. Petersburg, the governor of the Krasnoyarsk Territory Alexander Uss told at a plenary session of the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum on Wednesday.

Andrey Dubensky” was designed to operate on the Krasnoyarsk-Dudinka line and has a boat on board for delivering passengers to the shore

According to the Russian River Register, the average age of passenger ships on the Yenisei at present is about 30 years, and the largest vessels, ‘Alexander Matrosov’ and ‘Valery Chkalov’, were built more than 60 years ago. The large double-deck diesel-electric ship ‘Lermontov’, which had been operating on the Yenisei since 1959, was decommissioned and sold to private hands in 2015. In September 2019, a private motor vessel ‘Maxim Gorky’ was transferred to the Yenisei from the Volga River, which began operating tourist tours at the end of July last year.

“We laid down the two largest motor ships for the river at the “Sredne-Nevsky” shipyard. We have dreamed about this for 20 years. The contract value is 5 billion rubles,” Governor Uss said, specifying that leasing funds were used for this. According to TASS, one ship will be named ‘Andrey Dubensky’, the second – ‘Victor Astafiev’. These ships are designed to carry 245 passengers at a distance of up to 5 thousand km. The vessels will operate on the Krasnoyarsk – Dudinka – Krasnoyarsk route, which is socially significant for the Krasnoyarsk Territory.





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