A Large Natural Gas Liquefaction Plant and a Sea Terminal Are Planned for Construction in the North of Khabarovsk Territory

January 19, “RZhD Partner”

The project is planned for implementation by the “Yakutsk Fuel and Energy Company” (YaFEC). According to Andrey Korobov, YaFEC Director General, it is planned to build a main gas pipeline with a length of about 1.3 thousand kilometers from Yakutia to the coast of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk in the Khabarovsk Territory, where LNG production  facility will be constructed.

The company holds licenses for the commercial development of the Srednevilyuisky and Mastakhskoye gas condensate fields, the exploration and development of the Tolonsky area. Recently YaFEC won the auction, obtaining the right to produce hydrocarbons in the North, South and Maysky blocks with a total area of ​​43.5 thousand square meters with total reserves of 359 billion cubic meters of gas.

“We must prepare the company for the implementation of the largest LNG project in Russia – ‘Yakutsk LNG’, the implementation format of which directly depends on the YaFEC resource base,” commented A. Korobov.

Currently, the largest LNG production in the Far East region is located on Sakhalin Island. The specialized sea terminal in the village of Prigorodnoye annually ships up to 9.6 million tons of LNG. The planned LNG plant + terminal in Khabarovsk Territory will be capable of shipping up to 18 million tons of LNG annually.

Source: https://www.rzd-partner.ru/logistics/news/krupnyy-zavod-po-szhizheniyu-prirodnogo-gaza-i-spetsializirovannyy-terminal-planiruetsya-postroit-na/

Comments: This ambitious project is risky, challenging and costly, but if it is accomplished the deserted areas of the Far East of Russia will get a powerful boost in its economic and social development. Diversification of LNG supply options located close to potential regional consumers is definitely attractive for all project participants.

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