Interesting Data on the Structure of Russian Exports

September 24, RZhD-Partner

Transport companies that provide export logistics services for Russian goods process no more than 15% of total exports, said Sergei Safonnikov, head of foreign economic activities of the FEC (“First Expeditionary Company”) transport company, during the “Export without Borders: Practical Advice on Working with China” webinar organized by the “Russian-Asian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs” on September 24, 2020.

According to the FEC data, 55% of Russian exports are oil and petroleum products, 15% belong to the ‘non-public’ group of customs statistics (weapons and products for nuclear energy), 12% of cargo is transported by special types of transport (liquid, bulk, etc.). ) and only 15% falls on the share of goods suitable for carriage by cars or in containers. About 50% of these commodities are timber and wood products, as well as the transportation of food and chemical raw materials. The main directions for export transportation of goods by automobiles today are China, the CIS countries and Turkey.





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