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Australia and Japan to monitor illicit activities at sea

February 12 2023

From February to March, Australia will engage in monitoring and surveillance activities by aircraft against illicit maritime activities, including ship-to-ship transfers with the DPRK-flagged vessels.  For these purposes, the Kadena Air Base (US) in Japan will be used. 

According to the Foreign Ministry of Japan, it will be the eleventh time for such activities. The first monitoring of ships engaged in illicit operations, including bunkering, was conducted in 2018.

The Japan Coast Guard also conducts intelligence-gathering activities on ships suspected of violating UNSCRs, so Japan is working closely with other countries conducting such surveillance.


FPV resident company for the first time shipped a grain consignment exceeding 10, 000 tons via the port of Zarubino (Primorsky Territory)

February 7 2023  

“Legendagro Logistics’ company, the resident of the Free Port of Vladivostok (FPV), for the first time loaded a ship lot weighing more than 10 thousand tons of corn in the port of Zarubino. The cargo goes to China and will arrive at the port of Qingdao in Shandong province within a few days, the press service of the Ministry for the Development of the Far East and the Arctic reports.

A consignment of corn was loaded onto a ship with a deadweight of 15.2 thousand tons by ”Sea Port in Troitsa Bay LLC” stevedoring company personnel. The process went on for 5 days – 2 thousand tons of grain per day, because of extremely cold temperature.

“The departure of the first ship loaded with 10 thousand tons of grain is an important milestone in the history of the port of Zarubino. Usually we loaded grain consignments of 3 to 5 thousand tons on smaller ships in this port. An increase in shipment volume could facilitate transportation from the ports of Primorye in general and double the volume of grain trade in 2023. The geography of deliveries is wide, and the volumes of export and import cargo passing through the Primorsky Territory to various cities of Russia and other countries are increasing. We hope that our project will help to significantly improve logistics in the Far Eastern Federal District and strengthen the position of Primorsky Territory, which is the center of transport communications,” said Mr. Dmitry Savenkov, Director of “Legendagro Logistics LLC”.

This company loaded and exported 49 sea vessels, or more than 200 thousand tons of grain and oilseeds, to China and South Korea in 2022. Deliveries took place at the ports of Zarubino and Sukhodol as well as from “Vladprom” sea terminal. According to the project manager, shipments from the port of Zarubino will increase in 2023.

To start providing freight forwarding services, “Legendagro Logistics” purchased and rented tractors, semi-trailers, hopper cars and four mobile ship loaders. Warehouse facilities capable of simultaneous storage of more than 38 thousand tons of grain have been built. In Ussuriysk, A special support & maintenance facility for grain trucks was created in Ussuriysk. Within five years, “Legendagro Logistics LLC” will invest 247.5 million rubles in the region’s economy.

According to official data, residents of the free port of Vladivostok are implementing more than 2.1 thousand investment projects, 384 of them have been successfully launched. Business has invested almost 347 billion rubles in the economy of the Far East, more than 40 thousand new jobs were created.

“Legendagro Logistics LLC” is part of the “Legendagro” Russian-Chinese group of companies, which is engaged in crop production, deep processing of oilseeds, trading and logistics, construction of elevators, sea and railway terminals, and trading operations. The group of companies is implementing a number of investment projects in the status of FPV and TASED resident, which are aimed at increasing the volume of production and export of agricultural products.


Chukotka Port of Anyuisk Will Expand to Support the Largest Investment Project in the Region

January 30 2023  

Mr. Roman Kopin, Governor of the Chukotka Autonomous District discussed plans for the development of the river port in the village of Anyuisk with representatives of the “NTService” company, a resident of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation.

The company is implementing a program to construct a port hub in the village of Anyuysk.  This hub will support the delivery of goods as part of the implementation of the largest investment project in the region – the “Baimsky GOK” (mining and processing facility) for the development of the Baimsky porphyry copper deposit in the Bilibinsky district of the Chukotka Autonomous District.

“The port has been expanded, reinforced with people and equipment,” Governor Roman Kopin said in his Telegram channel. According to the governor, “Chukotsnab” is preparing to renovate the tank farm in Anyuisk and to expand its capacity. This will make it possible to use the port of Anyuisk as a hub for the delivery of large volumes of fuel.


Remarks. The construction of the Baim Mining Facility in Chukotka began in 2020. The Baimskoye deposit is the world’s largest in terms of gold (64.3 million ounces (2 million kg) and copper (23 million tons) reserves. The mining and processing facility will be launched by 2026, and will reach its design capacity by 2028. By this time, facility should produce 250,000 tons of copper and 400,000 ounces of gold per year.